There's nothing else to do, so why not eat cake!!

Try our 8 most popular cake flavours all at once. Whether you have a wedding or celebration cake coming up and you want to try before you buy... or you simply want to eat cake! 

& this cake can be frozen to enjoy later... if it lasts that long!


Let me eat cake!

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$34.00Sale Price
  • Pick up from 3135 on Saturday 14th August. Pop your ugg boots and dressing gown on and come to collect your box of cake via contactless collection at your designated time. 

    Not in our 5km? 
    All good! Just select 'delivery' at checkout and ensure you provide us with delivery instructions. Within 10kms of 3135. Contact us if you're unsure!

  • Thanks BERRY much!
    Vanilla raspberry cake layers with raspberry jam, freeze dried raspberries, white chocolate chips and vanilla bean SMBC.

    'You're not you..' (Snickers inspired)
    Layers of caramel cake with caramel SMBC and crushed peanuts.

    Fit for a queen
    Choc Hazelnut SMBC sandwiched between layers of red velvet cake and crushed hazelnuts. 

    Cookies 'n' Cream
    Chocolate cake layers with cookies and cream SMBC and crushed oreo cookies.

    Blueberry zest
    Blueberry vanilla cake layers with vanilla bean SMBC, lemon curd and freeze dried blueberries.

    Unicorn poop
    Funfetti cake, marshmallows, pink sweet berry filling, popping candy and sprinkles.

    Augustus Gloop
    Rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and choc chips.

    She's Vanilla
    Vanilla bean cake layers filled with vanilla bean SMBC.